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          Dawn Adkins
          November 20, 2019

          A Vision for Athletics

          A Vision for Athletics From PCS Athletic Director, Anthony Davis What made you want to coach students?  Why do you…
          Anthony Davis
          October 31, 2019

          Podcast: How to Choose Books for Your Kids

          How to Choose Books for Your Kids Podcast for Parents by Sarah Mackenzie from Read-Aloud Revival While we all desire…
          Dawn Adkins
          October 23, 2019
          Image depicting teen smartphone addiction due to ways in which social technology can manipulate usersTechnology

          Social Technology (Part 2)

          Helping Teens Outsmart Their Smartphones (Part 2) According to the stereotype, teens do not like being told what to do,…
          Brad Finkbeiner
          October 11, 2019
          Classical music teacher with students and string instrumentsMusicMusic Literacy

          Why Classical Music?

          Wade Butin
          September 30, 2019